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A Color Named Love

The book

The book

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A Color Named Love is the first children’s book with polyamorous parents represented! Meet this little girl called Anna and her four parents. This book embraces love in all its forms and celebrates the beauty found in all kinds of families. It doesn't matter where you came from or how your family is constituted, if there is love, then you have everything.

  • Hardcover

  • 36 Pages of a pure colorful blast

Copyright © 2021 M.Ellery and Clara Reschke

Cancellation policy: This is a print-on-demand product. Once the order goes to production, unfortunately, orders can't be canceled.

Thank you for being here! We have some good news and some not-so-good news to share.

The good news is the book is BACK! But as you might have seen, unfortunately, the price is much higher than before =(

As you know, this is a two-person book, with no big publisher behind us. After the book sold out, so many families came asking us how they could purchase it, and it was so upsetting that we didn't have an answer.

We e-mailed several publishers to get this book printed, but with no success, and we dreamed of making it available to families again.

As we value all the loving families that come looking for this book and thank you dearly for all your support, we want to be very transparent with you! There was a price increase in this book because we only found a way to make it available to you again by doing it print-by-demand instead of mass-printing.

This is great because it doesn't generate a surplus, being a much more sustainable production, but it is much more costly. The print-by-demand increased the book cost to us by 500% (!!!!!).

We, of course, didn't want to reflect this exorbitant increase to you, so we increased the minimum to pay our costs and the work behind it!

I hope you understand and that we can go back to the original price as soon as we find a publishing house <3


Clara and Mari


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